• Do not hesitate to share your passion of the dog world. Discovering our web site you will find information about our two activities : handling and breeding. A yellow or black puppy is waiting for you at Kennel, a small breeding but quality. We are registered members of the French Retriever Club and are committed to the Breeding Plan charter.

    Our schedule of upcoming dog show, we can possibly introduce your dog if we have still some avaibilities.

    I propose my services as a handler already some good results to announce

    Yellow and black labradors breeder originate from the best European bloodlines

  • We only breed Labradors.

    All our stud dogs and bitches are duly registered on the French stud book (LOF) and originate from the best European bloodlines.

    They have all been tested for hips and elbows dysplasia. Every 18 months, our dogs’eyes are tested by an ophtalmologist vet and undergo the DNA tests (PRA-DNA Card).

    Bitches are selected on their maternal qualities, to ensure a good psychological balance of future puppies.

    We wish our customers to understand that buying a puppy is a deliberate act which is bound to involve the whole family. Our puppies should only become pets to owners with a sense of responsibility and availability. No puppy should be acquired in the event of a compulsive purchase, as might be the case during the Christmas Season, when ephemeral gifts are sometimes offered. Persons in too much of a hurry are kindly requested to abstain. Your understanding will be appreciated.

  • The handler job is to entrust us with your dog in order to present your pet at dog shows, this ideal solution if you do not have the neccessary time to do it yourself, if you do not have enough experience in this area or you are unable to travel abroad.

    We prepare, groom and present your dog to his full potential in order to promote to make him noticed by the judge.

    We attach great importance to the well-being of your dog, our goal being to create a trusting relationship with you as well as your dog. To have on our side, a beaming dog is essential to maximize the chances of getting good results.

    I thank all the owners who have trusted us, and in the future, all the others who will trust us.

    Rafaël managed the feat for the first time that I entrust him Carly to come back with the title of Sub-French Winner What an achievement !!!

    For his second presentation of my dog, Rafaël validates the title of Swiss champion of Flashback ast and won also the Best In Show. What more could anyone ask for ?

    The little Ivy Blue is shy and does not want to be approached easily, Rafaël had the connection with her immediately, and the result was the Best in Show Baby, a perfect handling

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  • Rafaël MERCIER
    20 Avenue Leclerc
    44420 La Turballe.

    Mobile:06 25 89 29 95
    E-mail: rafaelmercier@gmail.com

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  • (Djake Au Pays Du Cadre Noir X Daily News Au Pays Du Cadre Noir)

    Yellow bitch born 02/24/2010
    Hips : A/A – Elbows : 0/0 - Eyes Clear - Optigen PRA : Carrier

    (Djake Au Pays Du Cadre Noir X Daily News Au Pays Du Cadre Noir)

    RCACS- RCACIB Saint Brieuc 2013 CACS-RCACIB Niort 2013 CAC-CACIB- BEST OF BREED Fribourg 2013
    Multi CACS, Multi BEST OF BREED Allowed to go in field trial


    Hips : A/A – Elbows : 0/0 - Eyes Clear - Optigen PRA : Carrier

    RCACS- RCACIB Saint Brieuc 2013 CACS-RCACIB Niort 2013 CAC-CACIB- BEST OF BREED Fribourg 2013
    Multi CACS, Multi BEST OF BREED Allowed to go in field trial


    Hips : A/A – Elbows : 0/0 - Eyes clear - Optigen PRA-CNM-NARC-HNPK: Normal +/+ EIC : Carrier +/-

    French Champion

    International Champion

    Swiss Champion

  • (Capitaine Mon Capitaine de la Vallée Cheron X Al Dente de la VC)

    Black dog Born 02/19/2011 Hips : A/D- Full dentition

    BEST IN SHOW Puppy NE 2011

    Best in Show Junior à Niort 2012

    Best Junior Nantes 2011

    CACS Nantes 2012

    (Capitaine Mon Capitaine de la Valléé Cheron X Al Dente de la VC)

    Give is 2 years and half old and he's retired at home

    RCACS Nantes (IB) 2012

    RCACS Rouen 2012

    CACS-CACIB Montluçon 2013

    CACS-CACIB French KC Championship Show 2012

  • On this page you'll find our next dog shows where we will be available to show your dog. If you wish to entrust us with a dog for one of these exhibitions, thank you to contact us as soon as possible.

    If you ever wish to entrust us with a dog for a show that is not in our schedule please let us know using the form below

  • Our prices include the travel of the dog, his preparation and his handling and the various fees that are divided by the number of dogs present in the vehicle.

    However, depending on the demand of each of our customers (Different type of do show, number of dogs assigned etc ...)we will consider your request on a case by case basis.

    If you want to know the prices of our services, do not hesitate to contact us.

    Of course your pets will not miss anything, I am fully equipped , I have an air-conditioned vehicle with cage design facilities, and equipment following the proper grooming needs inherent to the breed.

  • On this page you can see our main results with dogs of our customers in France and abroad..

    We try to provide maximum of dog show results, you can see more by clicking on the link.